Thanks to it’s sheer diversity in landmass, holidays in Thailand really do please everyone.

The North is home to luscious thick green jungles and sensational mountains. With gentle rivers meandering through them, these natural tracks are perfect if you love being one with nature.

Central Thailand is dominated by Bangkok. Another city that never truly sleeps. Spend hours admiring stunning Thai architecture, and make sure you check out the opulent Grand Palace. With plenty of street vendors, where better to try tasty Thai delicacies than the country’s capital? Finish your South-East Asian adventure relaxing on one of the picture-postcard perfect beaches in Thailand’s southern islands

We have just returned from an amazing trip to New Zealand. Peter ensured we had a tailor made holiday- brilliant flights and even checked us in. Fantastic hotels, location and airport transfers also! He gave prompt emails for any enquiries we had whilst away. Rest assured you’ll be having a five star holiday with five star travel!

Tom Smith